Day and night: The effect of lighting design on health and wellbeing

Everybody will have experienced the ‘wrong’ kind of lighting at some point— with it being either too bright, or too dark, making the space less relaxing, or conversely sleep-inducing, maybe prompting concerns about eye strain, even headaches.

As well as our physical comfort and condition, lighting can also impact upon our mental health and wellbeing. There is growing awareness of the importance of daylight for our circadian rhythms, with insufficient exposure – typically during winter months, or when shift-working, for example — leading to people finding their sleep patterns disrupted and perhaps experiencing ‘social jetlag’, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Along with other indoor climate and environment factors — such as air quality and temperature control — lighting can also be key to improving performance in education and workspaces. Its effects on both psychological and cognitive behaviours range from impacts upon the attention spans of schoolchildren, to the efficiency of office workers.

With its focus on health and wellbeing, therefore, this webinar will explore how lighting can help create more user-friendly environments, for work and play.

The panel will debate the priorities for more people-centric and sustainable lighting design and specification. The session will also look at the latest innovations in lamps, luminaries, lighting products and systems, as well as the technology for sensing, monitoring and managing to optimise health and wellbeing.


Chaired by Jim McClelland from SustMeme

John Mardaljevic — Professor of Building Daylight Modelling School – Loughborough University

Jonathan Rush — Partner (Lighting Design) – Hoare Lea

Diana Celella — Designer & Director – Drawing Room Interiors

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