Ethical IoT – elemental talks and HomeLINK

The Internet of Things promises to provide several benefits to social landlords and residents, including reduced costs, improvement of living environments and safer, and more energy efficient homes. This can reduce the impact on other services such as the NHS, as well as enabling local authorities to direct funds to other areas of need. As with all technologies, we must be aware of the risks that accompany IoT’s implementation in social homes. HomeLINK are working with the University of Bristol to understand what an ethical approach might look like. Through broad stakeholder engagement with more than 30 organisations and over 500 social residents, we have taken the first steps in understanding what is expected of, and acceptable from, IoT across the sector. The purpose of this approach is to ensure residents are empowered by these new tools, have a voice in their development, and to understand the different concerns of all affected parties.

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