How can we future-proof the growth of UK heat networks?

Seen as a critical building block in the recently released Sixth Carbon Budget, heat networks are targeted to meet towards 20% of the UK’s low-carbon heat requirements come 2050. Given that they have only been delivering about a tenth of that amount to date, the scale of the task and the extent of the country’s Net Zero ambition is clear.

The Government is a strong advocate for the energy-efficient and cost-effective attributes of heat networks, which offer the promise of both carbon reduction and lower bills for consumers.

The question remains however, how such a dramatic growth rate can be achieved successfully with minimum development and operational risk.

In short, the webinar will explore how we can future-proof the roll-out of UK heat networks.

The discussion will explore both the impact of innovation in the marketplace — around the likes of continuous commissioning, plus support for advanced management tools — and recent guidance updates — including CP1 (2020) Code of Practice, published in January this year, which represents a significant upgrade on the previous 2015 version. By way of context, the debate will also look at lessons to be learned from success stories with heat networks in other countries and communities, such as those in Scandinavia.

This session is sponsored by Altecnic.

SPEAKERS: Chaired by Jim McClelland – SustMeme

Neil Parry – Head of Specification – Altecnic

Gareth Jones – Fairheat

Alex Maguire – Floh Consulting

Hakan Knutsson – Sustainable Heating and Cooling by Sweden

Selene Molina Blanco – Lead Engineering Manager – Vattenfall

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