Case study: Remeha and Virgin Money


Virgin Money trials new Remeha Gas 320 Ace boilers.

Leading heating manufacturer Remeha has trialled its newest boiler model, the Gas 320 Ace, at Virgin Money’s Jubilee House headquarters in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, ahead of the official November launch.

The two new boilers, which replaced ageing Remeha Gas 3002 units, are providing highly reliable and efficient heating throughout the office building.

The Gas 3002 boilers had served the building well over the years. But as they were nearing the end of their serviceable life, ISS, the Bank’s facilities management providers, were keen to carry out a plant upgrade.

Energy efficiency and reliability were the key requirements together with the need to maintain heating services throughout the project and minimise disruption for the office workers.

Remeha and M&E contractors Protech Heating, who had installed the original boilers, proposed trialling the newly developed Remeha Gas 320 Ace boilers at Jubilee House. Two Gas 320 Ace 6-section boilers were selected to satisfy the building’s heating demands. With high gross efficiencies of up to 96.2% and low Class 6 NOx emissions, the new boilers met all of the Bank’s requirements for improved system efficiency, emissions and cost savings.

As the plant room at Jubilee House is located on the rooftop, access was a potential challenge. But the new Gas 320 Ace, like its predecessor, the Gas 310 Eco Pro, is compact and lightweight in design as well as narrow enough to fit comfortably into any standard lift.

These features ensured a rapid, problem-free installation at Jubilee House, as Stuart Boyles, Project Manager at Protech Heating, explained:

“We’re familiar with the Gas 310 Eco Pro boilers and like how easy they are to move and manoeuvre into plant rooms. It’s great to see that this is also true of the new Gas 320 Ace boilers – they’re nice and compact and come supplied with integral castors that meant we had no problems whatsoever wheeling them into the lift at Jubilee House or positioning them within the rooftop plant room.”

It is not just the compact design of the Gas 320/620 Ace series that facilitates easier installation – where plant room access or available space is particularly constrained, the boilers can be dismantled and installed in sections. They can also be installed side-to-side, achieving an ultra-compact footprint and providing added design flexibility within tight spaces. This allows the amount of resources and time required on site to be reduced, for lower costs and faster job turnarounds.

Once the new boilers were safely positioned inside the plant room, the Protech Heating team were able to change one boiler at a time to ensure that there was no disruption to the heating service.

The Gas 320/620 Ace range is built on Remeha’s Ace control platform to offer superior control. At Jubilee House, Remeha’s engineers demonstrated to Protech Heating the enhanced functionality of the new Gas 320/620 Ace, which is accessed through an extended range of parameters.

Stuart continued: “We were really impressed with the new Ace control platform. The user-friendly interface means that it’s intuitive to use and it’s clear that the extra functionality will make it far easier to meet specific site requirements.”

Feedback from the ISS engineering team has been equally positive: “The new boilers are great to use,” they said. “They have a user-friendly interface which is really easy to navigate. The display shows a lot of handy and useful information which assists in fault diagnosis of the system itself.”

The new Gas 320/620 Ace series also features remote monitoring through the BMS using an optional Modbus gateway and enhanced connectivity for easier servicing and maintenance through optional Bluetooth functionality.

“Being able to dial into the site will allow any problems to be diagnosed immediately and either fixed remotely or on the first site visit,” added Stuart. “It’s a valuable addition that will save installer time and costs and avoid unnecessary downtime for the end user.”

With the field trial period now complete, how have the Gas 320 Ace boilers been performing at Virgin Money’s Headquarters?

“The new Remeha Gas 320 Ace boilers are great,” said Daniel Pilcher, Engineering Manager at ISS. “They’ve been ticking away nicely without a single hiccup since they were installed a year ago!”

With additional features including a high temperature differential (∆T) of 11°C to 40°C and operating range of 20°C to 80°C/90°C, these new boilers are the perfect heat source for heat interface units, low temperature heating and hybrid installations as well as for retrofit applications.

The low water content of the Gas 320/620 Ace enables it to respond rapidly to increasing or decreasing changes in load with low to zero flow condition operation and monitoring.

Commissioning, one of the most important stages of the project, is included free with the new Remeha Gas 320/620 Ace boiler series and carried out by a Remeha engineer, saving costs for both the end user and installer.

The Gas 320/620 Ace range also comes with a comprehensive 7-year warranty, including parts and labour, as standard, and the support of a 24/7 round-the-clock technical support helpline.

The new Gas 320/620 Ace series is available from November 2020 in five to ten section models from 285 kW to 1,300 kW.


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