Centrica launches British Gas Evolve

Centrica has introduced British Gas Evolve, described as a low-cost, digital-first, reliable and hassle-free residential energy supply.

In a post on LinkedIn Peter Simon, Managing Director of Centrica New Energy Platforms, said:

“Our ambition is not just to be the largest but also a growing energy supplier in the UK for residential customers and small businesses – providing an effortless reliable, low-cost, sustainable service that attracts and retains customers for the long term.

“Within our current trials (using the most advanced technology from partners like Amazon and Salesforce, and piloting with billing industry-specialists, Ensek), we supply around 60,000 businesses through British Gas Lite, and 17,000 residential customers through British Gas X. Over 1,000 of our UK colleagues have also been trying it out through our employee offer tariff and providing great feedback to help us improve.”

Talking about sustainability, he added:

“Sustainability, now and for the future, is core to our business, and we are striving to ensure our energy supply brands play an integral part in helping our business and our customers reduce their emissions for a zero-carbon future. British Gas Evolve will start by offering 100% renewable electricity and create other innovations that can help customers reduce their energy usage and carbon impact – whether this is with electric vehicle offers or home energy management tools (such as time of use tariffs, or pricing that moves with supply and demand). We will be exploring the role British Gas Evolve can play in sustainability and how it can appeal to customers who might not always think of British Gas as the first place for these innovations. We will also partner with other businesses to deliver these opportunities and find new ways to engage with our customers.”

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