Clenzair’s solution against COVID

Clenzair, has conducted extensive tests on its systems which can provide an air purification that neutralises COVID-19, not only in the air but on surfaces too.

The test data to back up this claim has been passed to Excalibur Healthcare Services here in the UK and has received endorsement from leading biochemist Professor Sir Christopher Evans, OBE.

Professor Evans, Chairman of Excalibur Healthcare Services, has spoken out on the role of science leading the country out of the crisis, and the technology that is deployed in Clenzair’s suite of air purification systems as a major contributor in reducing airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the pathogen that causes COVID-19.

Professor Evans said: “The scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of the Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionisation (NBPI) against all variants of CoV-2 is very robust.  Our viral challenge studies have been thorough with results showing a 99.9% kill of CoV-2 and other viruses in actual closed-room validations.

“I believe that this technology could now seriously reduce airborne transmission of CoV-2, influenza and all other viral and bacterial pathogens within contained spaces. NPBI should be listed as one of the key virus control measures for all indoor environments.”

The support comes following extensive US trials with further verification of test results taking place and endorsed by Excalibur.

Luke Harris, CEO of Clenzair, said: “We would urge the Government to embrace this technology in the fight against COVID-19. It will enable businesses to reopen safely, schools to get back to normal and care homes to eradicate a whole range of prolific viruses, not just COVID-19. The vaccine roll out is an enormously positive step in getting the UK economy back open safely and we can provide valuable support to keep it open and thriving. Our technology offers a safe solution that can attack a virus while suspended in the air immediately after a cough or a sneeze and also constantly sanitises touchpoint surfaces as well, allowing companies to operate as safely as possible.”

How does it work?

Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionisation, technology works by producing a high concentration of Positive and Negative ions, delivering them to the space via a powerful destratification fan and affecting anything they come in contact with, not just in the air but surfaces as well, including embedded into fabric. This process attacks the outer proteins of viruses inactivating them at their core and rendering them harmless even if they enter the body. This process also eliminates all bacteria, mould and odours. The ions can be distributed to any indoor environment 24/7 while people are present.

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