Daikin supports Europe’s Green Deal

Daikin has expressed its support for Europe’s Green Deal.

The company also believes continuous innovations in heat pump technology will help to decarbonise Europe, and combining decarbonisation with sustainable economic growth aligns with the core principles of the Green Deal.

The statement from Daikin recognises that decarbonising Europe and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic are massive challenges and it is looking forward to seeing the EU and its Member States promoting low carbon technologies, like heat pumps.

Why heat pumps?

    1. Heat pumps are a proven solution, and Europe has the technology, the expertise and the investments to expand further. From single family to multi-family homes, from renovation to new housing, from small to large commercial buildings and industrial plants, heat pumps today are ready and fit for the EU Green Deal.
    2. Heat pumps are a low carbon heating technology. For each kWh of required heat, the carbon impact of a heat pump today is about half of a high efficiency gas boiler, with an even lower carbon footprint potential due to the further decarbonisation of the EU electricity production.
    3. Heat pumps make use of renewable energies such as thermal energy from the air, the water or the ground. These renewable energy sources are abundantly available in Europe; so do not need to be imported.
    4. Heat pumps will increasingly use renewable electricity and are on the way to being a fully climate-neutral solution.
    5. In addition, heat pumps are essential to enable balancing of the power grid, thus supporting the further deployment of a renewable energy production.

Investing in heat pumps also boosts EU economic growth as these products are widely developed and manufactured in Europe. Daikin, for example, has a European R&D center and 5 factories in Europe related to heat pump technology.

Every euro invested in heat pump technology is a euro invested in local job creation. The heat pump industry as a whole currently employs 225,000 people in Europe.  New and further investments in renewable heating will pay dividends for the European economy as well as for the environment.

Patrick Crombez, General Manager Daikin Europe Heating and Renewables said: “Governments can draw consumers’ attention to heat pumps through incentives for residential renovations, but also other means could make opting for heat pumps beneficial, such as reflecting the use of renewable energy in the building’s total energy score. This sends a strong signal and invites consumers to do a detailed calculation of total cost of ownership and ecological advantages. At this point, the benefits of heat pumps will become evident to consumers.

“In the short term, government incentives can help accelerate the transition to carbon-neutral heating and make heat pumps accessible to all Europeans, but in the long term accurate energy prices and a correct indication of the energy and carbon performance of a building need to be the end user motivations to invest in heat pump technology.

What’s next?

“Daikin has set itself the ambition to become a carbon-neutral company on a global scale by 2050. Decarbonising the heating sector in Europe and achieving the Green Deal’s bold target are the drivers of that vision. Daikin is convinced that all stakeholders – policy makers, industry leaders and consumers – have the same goal, to lay the foundations of a zero-emission future,” added Patrick Crombez.

For more info visit: daikin.eu

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