Decarbonising the electricity grid

Decarbonising the electricity grid – elemental talks

This panel discussion will focus on a series of challenges on the road to decarbonising the electricity grid. The panel will be posed a series of questions outlined below.

  1. What are the key technologies and innovation sectors that will support the decarbonisation of the electricity system?
  2. How will changes in demand influence the challenges associated with electricity network decarbonisation?
  3. How will electricity network infrastructure need to change to support low carbon energy systems?
  4. How will a decarbonised electricity system interact with other networks? How can we create a more integrated energy system?
  5. How can advancements in digitalisation support decarbonisation of the electricity system
  6. Centralised vs decentralised – what are the key benefits, drawbacks and considerations to each?


Mark Neller – Arup

Alexandre Golisano – Schneider Electric

Alex Buckman – Energy Catapult

Marzia Zafar – Ovo energy

Issy Middleton – Northern Power Grid

Date: 12th November

Free registration:

This session is sponsored by Energy Catapult

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