Digital Europe’s policy paper on green renovation

Digital Europe has published a policy paper: Digital building transformations for Europe’s green renovations: Sustainable living and working.

The paper details how the digital transformation of buildings and cities is key to achieving the European climate goals, while directly improving our quality of life, referencing the European Commission’s Renovation Wave.

It urges for particular focus on the following:

  • Revision of the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPDB)Setting minimum energy performance standards should reflect a sophisticated strategy for energy savings –beyond building envelope renovations only– powered by interconnected technologies including reporting and direct feedback to building users.
  • Secured investments in digital buildings. DIGITALEUROPE welcomes the initiative to mark digital buildings projects under the ‘renovate’ flagship, and encourages pressure on building-related aspects of each EU country’s national plans for buildings renovations.
  • Ensure a beneficial impact on environmental, economic and social sustainability. The EU must create green jobs while making the Renovation Wave happen, by encouraging public private partnerships projects for digital reskilling and upskilling to make the smart environment a feasible investment.
  • Promote Building Information Modelling (BIM) in public procurement by basing public procurement on the MEAT Digital solutions based on ecosystems of Digital Twins will prove key to reaching the green goals efficiently.
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