E.ON expands smart meter service

eon smart meter

E.ON is providing a service for other suppliers to help them meet their own installation targets and ensure the successful nationwide rollout of smart meters.

E.ON Smart Installation Services offers a range of options, from meter financing, consultancy and training to installation, depending on the requirements of each supplier. With its experienced 2,000-strong national team of smart meter technicians – and having installed three million smart meters for its own customers – E.ON is able to bring nationwide scale and years of experience across the market, supporting other suppliers, advancing government ambitions and enabling more customers to benefit.

Chris Lovatt, Chief Operating Officer of E.ON Energy Infrastructure Services, said: “Smart meters are the crucial stepping stone to the UK’s future energy system, giving people the tools they need to manage and reduce their energy use while also unlocking innovations in the energy market that can help tackle the climate crisis.

“With more than a decade’s experience and as the UK’s leading installer of SMETS2 meters, we’re pleased to launch E.ON Smart Installation Services. Our extensive experience, expertise and capabilities can help other suppliers to meet their targets and, just as importantly, help their customers benefit from accurate bills and personalised information about their energy use.

“Ultimately, our commitment to the smart metering programme is about transforming our national energy infrastructure for the better, helping improve people’s relationships with their energy use and building a smarter energy system that’s fit for the future.”

As part of E.ON Smart Installation Services, solutions can be tailored to suppliers’ individual needs, and include:

  •  Meter financing, and asset provision through E.ON’s established network of manufacturers
  •  Meter installation and maintenance services on a regional or national basis
  •  Consultancy on smart metering approach
  •  Engineer training at E.ON’s dedicated smart meter academy
  •  Long-term or temporary ‘hire’ of E.ON’s skilled engineers to undertake installations
  •  Or, the end-to-end delivery of a company’s smart metering needs from customer engagement to successful installation

E.ON is already the country’s largest installer of the latest generation SMETS2 meters, has one of the market’s leading safety records for smart meter installations, and offers excellent customer engagement which is endorsed by government.


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