Eaton and Enico make it easy to store energy in commercial and industrial environments with xStorage Container

Eaton and Enico have joined forces to make it easy for facility managers and operators to quickly deploy energy storage systems in commercial and industrial environments.

Commercial and industrial facility managers and operators are keen to install energy storage systems locally to ensure business continuity, maximise the consumption of the renewable energy they may produce locally, reduce energy costs through peak shaving or integrate electric vehicle charging stations while limiting disruption for their buildings. But they may not want to go through additional civil and constructions works, or their building internal space may not allow the installation of an energy storage system within the building itself. There is therefore a growing need to provide them with an energy storage solution that minimises the use of internal building space, enables flexible placement and is quick to deploy.

xStorage Container leverages the award-winning energy storage technology from Eaton and the unique module integration expertise from Enico to provide customers with a scalable, modular and fully integrated containerised energy storage solution that is easy to install and quick to deploy on site.

xStorage Container is a multi-usage energy storage system that provides customers with a wide range of applications such as seamless islanding for reliable back-up power, peak shaving, load shifting, frequency regulation and voltage regulation. Customers can also leverage the energy storage system to maximise solar self-consumption and smoothly integrate electric vehicle charging stations onsite while ensuring grid stability for their buildings.

Craig McDonnell, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Power Quality and Electronics and Emerging Markets Division, EMEA at Eaton said: “We already offer a wide range of scalable and modular energy storage systems. The launch of xStorage Container in collaboration with Enico enables us to further meet the needs of our customers who want to leverage our award-winning energy storage technology quickly with limited disruption for their buildings.”

Marko Lähteenmäki, CBO, Enico said: “We develop unique and comprehensive integrated energy storage module solutions that utilise the best power electronics, battery storage and control technologies on the market. Our collaboration with Eaton enables us to further meet the needs of our customers with a combined solution from two technology leaders.”

Richard Molloy, Segment Leader Energy Storage at Eaton added: “Facilities managers are under pressure to reduce carbon emissions and offset the increasing cost of energy consumption in commercial buildings through increased consumption of renewable power sources. Installing an energy storage system is critical part of the solution but there are a number of challenges that come with this, with many existing storage systems requiring expensive and disruptive infrastructure upgrades.

“The xStorage container addresses these pain points for facilities managers. Not only does it allow for easy, fast and flexible installation, but it will also maximise a building’s ability to consume renewables, to alter the building demand profile to make better use of grid power when it is low cost and low carbon and to efficiently integrate electric vehicle charging stations. This will help buildings across the UK play their part in the pathway to net zero by 2050.”

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