Elemental interview: ABB

Jim McClelland talks to Matt Durdin from ABB about healthy buildings.

Today we are seeing a greater focus on staff wellbeing than ever before, and with advancing technologies for building management systems allowing simplicity of control, automated of functions and fully customisable settings it is now easier than ever to implement these solutions.

By addressing the factors that we know are the causes of ‘unhealthy’ buildings such as poor aesthetics, insufficient lighting, too hot or too cold, damp and stuffy environments we can re-energise a workforce to feel valued and motivated.

Implementing measures that support wellness such as comfortable and controllable space temperature and air quality, good natural and artificial lighting in addition to enhancing other elements such as wayfinding and signage to support occupants navigation, intuitive and non-imposing security and access features and IT that works and supports individuals activities.

The benefits that can be gained a numerous, from improved staff morale, staff retention and productivity through to energy cost savings and reducing carbon footprint.

This discussion will give insights into the technologies of the future that are being used today to bring the comforts required to energise employees and enhance energy efficiencies for companies.

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