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Thursday 24 February


Creating and maintaining Healthy Buildings: from inception to completion and beyond

The term ‘Healthy Buildings’ has risen in use over recent years, in part because of the UK’s ambitions to reduce the carbon footprint of its existing built environments.

Buildings can be key promoters of occupant health and well-being, especially in COVID-19 times as most people spend a majority of their time indoors.

Creating a “healthy” building has its challenges, but can often be achieved. Keeping a building healthy, however, is another story.

Many end-users are completely in the dark with regards to the thermal performance and air quality of their buildings, not to mention levels of damp, required maintenance, and the wellbeing of occupants.

During this expert panel discussion, we will discuss how to create and maintain healthy buildings from inception to completion and beyond.

  • What defines a healthy building and in what ways can buildings impact health?
  • How can property owners ensure the health of their buildings, year after year?
  • How important is the implementation of smart technology to achieve health building status?

Hosted by Jim McClelland, SustMeme


Edward Murphy, Ollio Consult
Oliver Heath, Heath Design
Chris Jones, CEO of HomeLINK

Join us live and get involved in the conversation!

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Join us on Thurs 24th February at 11am for 'Creating and maintaining Healthy Buildings: from inception to completion and beyond'

With @SustMeme and @Aico_Limited, @Oliver_Heath
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