Germany’s first 3D-printed house features Viessmann heating and ventilation

A 3D-printed house is under construction in Germany, featuring Viessmann heating, cooling and ventilation products.

The 3D printing process has already been applied to the walls of the house. A nozzle applies special concrete in layers. The print head moves over three axes on a fixed frame and is controlled by just two people. It takes just five minutes to print one square meter of a double-shelled wall. This innovative technology saves more than time compared to conventional construction methods; it also significantly reduces resources and allows for greater freedom in building design.

When completed, the first home will be heated and cooled by a high-efficiency Vitocal 200-S air/water heat pump and ventilated by the Vitovent 300-W ventilation system. The temperature will be perfectly regulated all year round. The heat pump is highly efficient with a COP (coefficient of performance) of up to 5.0 (EN 14511 at A7/W35°C) and has an energy efficiency rating of A++.The new Vitoset heat pump-hybrid cylinder WPU 300/100L will be installed as a heating buffer and DHW cylinder. The hybrid cylinder solution saves a lot of space since it consists of one 300-litre enamel DHW cylinder and a 100-litre buffer cylinder. The cylinder is delivered in one piece and is completely insulated.

Fresh, clean, and especially germ-free ambient air is more important than ever in times of Covid-19, and so the Vitovent 300-W central home ventilation system will also be installed in Germany’s first 3D-printed house. This quiet ventilation system is particularly quiet and compact and recovers up to 92 per cent of the heat from extracted air during the cold weather, saving heating costs. In combination with the Vitocal 200-S heat pump, the ventilation can be conveniently controlled using the free ViCare app on a smartphone.

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