Heat pumps guide for domestic installers

A new heat pumps guide has been created to provide a single source of best practice guidance for the UK heat pump industry.

The guide has been produced by MCS in partnership with Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC), Energy Saving Trust and Heat Pump Association (HPA). It streamlines advice by providing a single source of best practice on technical guidance and consumer protection.

It is designed to support heat pump installers to solve technical and contractual problems and sits alongside the MCS Heat Pump Standard.

Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS, said: “With the market for heat pumps likely to grow significantly, it is important that consumers have confidence in the products that will be installed into their home.

“Building consumer confidence in low-carbon heat is critical to aiding market growth. Building that trust depends on both technical expertise and contractual best practice. So, we welcome this new guide which provides all this support to installers in one place.”

The contractual section of the guide examines every aspect of the consumer journey with a focus on the performance claims that underpin contract agreements. It was written by consumer protection specialists who have audited hundreds of companies installing small-scale renewable heat technologies.

Virginia Graham, CEO of RECC, said: “Designing and installing heat pumps systems requires considerable skill. Providing consumers with accurate information about an unfamiliar heating technology is vital but challenging. So, I am delighted that installers can now find accessible guidance on the whole process in one place. I commend it to our members.”

Mike Thornton, CEO of Energy Saving Trust, said: “If government plans for decarbonising heat are to be realised then there will need to be a significant increase in low carbon and renewable heat options including heat pumps.

“However, it is vitally important that these technologies are installed effectively so the benefits for the end users including householders can be realised.  We believe the application of this guide will go a significant way to ensuring this happens and we encourage all suppliers to use it.”

The Heat Pump Guide is available online at: mcscertified.com

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