How does indoor air quality affect wellbeing?

How does indoor air quality affect wellbeing? – elemental talks
This session will explore the positive wellbeing opportunities associated with good IAQ and ventilation – such as increased productivity (office), improved attention-spans (education), faster recovery (health), better sleep (domestic), etc.
With residential schemes, it will look at everything from passivhaus, to how the supply chain for sustainable products and materials can help, not hinder, implementation of successful solutions — whether working bespoke, or at scale.
It will also focus on design and engineering for projects in the education sector, with the panel discussing what lessons can be learned about indoor air quality and ventilation, plus how climate-adaptive innovation can be integrated within budget.
Finally, it will look at how good IEQ can be viewed within a more holistic approach to biophilic design, with wellbeing driving the process as an essential criterion, rather just a nice-to-have.

There will also be a chance to share your questions with the panel LIVE – so register to save your space!

Speakers include:

The panel will be hosted by Jim McClelland, with special guests:

  • Richard Daniels, Environmental Engineer within the DfE Technical Standards division
  • Justin Bere, Principal, Justin Bere Architects
  • Will Kirkman, Managing Director, Ecomerchant
  • Oliver Heath, Biophilic Design Consultant, TV presenter, Direct at Oliver Heath Design
  • John Felgate, Stiebel Eltron

Date: 10th December

Sponsored by: Stiebel Eltron

Free registration:


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