IKEA and Flow Loop partner on water-saving shower

IKEA and Flow Loop have joined forces to develop a water recycling shower, with the aim of saving up to 80 per cent of water and also slashing energy use, by recycling and cleaning the shower water in a closed loop.

Approximately one tenth of the global fresh water is consumed in people’s home and the biggest water consuming activity at home is in general showering (about 40%).

“We are exploring innovative solutions that inspire and enable reduced water consumption and reuse of water in the home,” said Tobias Svanberg, Development Leader Range & Product Innovation, IKEA of Sweden AB. “As a brand with presence around the world, IKEA has a big responsibility – and opportunity to lead and influence a movement for efficient and more sustainable water use and we are happy to work with innovative partners such as Flow Loop.”

Flow Loop is a Danish company, and one of the ten finalists in the IKEA Bootcamp 2019. The company has innovated a water recycling retrofit shower solution that fits to any shower space. Through recycling and cleaning the shower water in a closed loop, the solution can save up to 80% of water and reduce 70% of energy use while maximising the shower experience without shortening the shower time.

“At Flow Loop we are very proud to collaborate with IKEA, as we set out to make an impact for a more sustainable world. Flow Loop’s vision is to change the way we use water as a resource and to help secure sufficient clean water for tomorrow. We believe we can best achieve this by innovation that changes how we use water in our homes and supporting the integration of sustainable living into the mainstream market. We see IKEA as the best partner to accomplish this vision,” says Troels Grene, CEO, Flow Loop.

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