KSG Health’s air purification system


UK-based KSG Health Ltd is distributing air purification devices from Finnish company Genano.

The technology allows building owners and managers to remove ultrafine particles effectively and efficiently and produce clean air.

Genano has developed an air decontamination method that removes and kills nano-sized particles up to 0.003 µm (3nm) size from the indoor air. This includes the elimination of microbes, such as viruses, bacteria and moulds, and removes also gases and odours.

At present, healthcare authorities combatting the outbreak of COVID-19 are upgrading their medical infrastructure, due to the commonly used fibre HEPA filters not deemed powerful enough against microbes that are less than 0.3 µm in size –unfortunately, the COVID-19 microbes are slightly larger than 0.1 µm size.

This means that air purification technologies based on HEPA filtration are unable to remove tiny, problematic particles – including pollution, microbes, bacteria, and viruses – so there is a potential for these to remain in the recirculated air, be inhaled and expose building users to serious illness.

Genano technology is based on electronic filtration, with an ionisation process taking place within the chamber which is efficiently flushed out on a weekly basis without any reduction in performance. With no toxic waste being produced and minimal maintenance requirements, these units are efficient, cost-effective and ideally suited to every indoor environment.

The technology has been around for 20 years and it is already installed in thousands of schools and hospitals, laboratories and offices around the world.

Jarmo Kesanto, Co-Founder and Co-Director of KSG Health Ltd said: “Our well-established technology is ideally suited to meet the challenges posed by airborne viruses and we are eager to see it utilised in all key settings to enhance the protection of vulnerable people. We hope that more organisations, including the NHS, will soon realise the benefits of replacing their current systems. Sadly, when it comes to nanosized particles such as SARS MERS and COVID-19, the more limited HEPA-based systems are insufficient to remove these from the circulating air. At such a critical time, that may simply not be good enough. It is our mission to demonstrate how Genano represents the next step in infection control and add to the scores of existing customers who benefit daily from the peace of mind and cost-effectiveness these innovative systems offer.”

More detail available: ksghealth.com

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