New subscription service from Hive Heating

Hive Heating Plus is a new subscription service to give customers more control over their heating spend and the heating efficiency of their home. 

Hive Heating Plus provides homes with a personalised energy management solution, with the option to improve energy efficiency.

It will notify users when their home is using more energy than normal, or taking longer to heat up, alerting them to potential issues with your heating system before they arise.

For the first time, data will be integrated from the smart meter, Hive thermostat and information provided about the home, alongside local weather forecasts to produce personalised insights about the heating behaviour.

All of this is provided and controlled within the Hive app.

This solution was trialed successfully by over 500 joint Hive and British Gas Energy customers – 75% remained within their target budget, more than two thirds agreed that they felt more in control of their heating spend and 40% used the service daily.

The solution was launched to the market in November and will be available to the whole market in 2021 – even those who do not own a smart meter or are not a British Gas customer.

Hive Heating Plus is available for £3.99pm on a rolling monthly contract basis or it can be purchased as an annual subscription with a two-month discount.

Once signed-up customers will also gain access to a series of benefits to help them save even more, this includes 10% off Hive products, free delivery, extended warranty for the Hive range of heating devices and a 10% discount on home repairs booked through Local Heroes.

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