Octopus acquires Upside Energy

Octopus Energy Group has acquired Upside Energy – energy software company – as part of its move to establish new tech hub in Manchester.

The new energy technology (EnTech) hub will help to develop the smart grid technologies required for a green energy system and the electrification of transport and heating.

Octopus Energy’s teams in Manchester, London and Silicon Valley will work closely together to help deliver digital solutions which automatically warm homes and charge cars when energy is greenest.

Upside Energy was founded in 2014 to enable people to make greener energy choices. Its cloud-based platform connects with clean energy technologies such as electric vehicles, heat pumps and batteries, allowing it to manage those devices to match real-time energy demand and supply. This helps to balance the grid and enables customers to capitalise on cheaper, greener power.

Upside’s customers include both utilities and asset owners across the energy industry which Octopus plans to build on.

The integration of Upside’s data science and AI expertise will add further capabilities to Octopus’s proprietary cloud-based technology platform Kraken. The scalable platform, which is now contracted to serve 17 million energy accounts globally, is designed to drive the smart grid globally, giving customers access to cheaper electricity when the grid is greener. The new partnership will enable Kraken to automatically manage energy devices, adding another layer to its tech stack offering.

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak visited Octopus to find out about its growth plans last month.

Greg Jackson, CEO and founder of Octopus Energy Group, said: “I’m hugely impressed by Upside’s team and efforts in building a deep-tech platform that does fantastic things with real-time energy, connected home devices, and renewables. Forward-thinking businesses like Upside are one of the reasons why I’m convinced that we can make the UK the ‘Silicon Valley of Energy’. We’re delighted to welcome these brilliant minds into our team to drive the green EnTech revolution here in the UK and abroad.”

Upside Energy CEO Devrim Celal said: “I’m really excited for Upside as we become part of Octopus Energy Group and take advantage of the opportunities this acquisition will bring. We are joining forces with a like-minded team who share our ambitions to play a major role in achieving the transition to a net-zero world. Together, we have the opportunity to drive global growth and continue to develop our brilliant team to solve the complex challenges ahead.”

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