REA comments on pathway to net zero heating

The REA has commented on UKERC’s ‘Pathway to net zero heating in the UK’ report.

The policy briefing from the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) on how heating might practically be decarbonised in the future provided detail on possible pathways over the next five to 10 years – and it highlighted the uncertainty ahead.

The REA backs its calls for urgent clarity on long-term heat policy from the government and the rapid deployment of renewable heat technologies, and it believes the UKERC’s report must also include the whole range of technologies available, including bioenergy.

Dr Nina Skorupska, chief executive of the Association of Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) said:

“The UKERC report puts in sharp focus the extent of the challenge ahead of the UK in decarbonising heat. We fully support the call to action to see the rapid roll-out of ready-to-deploy renewable heat technologies, supported by a step-change in heat policy from the Government.

Disappointingly though, the report does not consider the full range of technologies available. In particular, the role of bioenergy is ignored. Biomass heat is the largest contributor to renewable heat today, while biomethane from anaerobic digestion is already helping to decarbonise the gas grid. Further strategic technologies, such as geothermal and biomass gasification, will also be needed.

The rapid decarbonisation of heat will require deployment of all available renewable solutions, building on the knowledge, skills and supply chains already in place. For heat decarbonisation to succeed, every renewable solution we have must be able to play its part.”

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