RenewableUK and Solar Trade Association partner with techUK

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The Solar Trade Association and Renewable UK, together with techUK, have announced a partnership to promote the transition to a net zero economy.

As part of the agreement, techUK will be encouraging its member companies to consider setting up long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) to stimulate UK-based renewable energy generation.

This will bring together energy buyers directly with the renewable energy providers to stimulate a market in PPAs which can underpin the decarbonisation of the UK power sector.

In parallel, the STA and RenewableUK will be encouraging their members to work more closely with the UK technology sector to:

  • Integrate smart systems into the growth of the renewable and energy storage industries, to support the development of flexible, responsive digital energy systems.
  • Integrate smart energy and heat systems alongside renewable assets in residential buildings.
  • Assess the potential of emerging technology – such as AI and machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and digital twins (a dynamic virtual representation of a physical object or system) – in the renewables sector.

To achieve this, the three organisations are planning a series of initial activities. techUK, the STA and RenewableUK will host a virtual marketplace – RE-Source UK Virtual – on September 21st.  The event will showcase industry case studies, offer the latest market information and provide opportunities for buyers and sellers to meet.

Julian David, CEO techUK said: “The technology sector is already the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in the world. We are committed to working with the UK’s renewable sector not only to bring more new renewables onto the grid as part of our own efforts to decarbonise our operations, but also to support companies in the sector in understanding how emerging technology can support their businesses.”

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