Rinnai’s continuous flow water heating units for key sectors

Rinnai offers a full range of continuous flow water heating units, complemented with a comprehensive offering of value-added ancillary products and services.

Targeted to supply limitless hot water ‘on demand’ for key sectors – all NHS, healthcare, education, food production, logistics, retail, hospitality & leisure, local authority and central government sites.

Cornerstone to the range is the Sensei N Series, the new generation of high efficiency, Low Nox water heaters have maximum quality and reliability in hot water heating delivery for every possible site requiring limitless hot water with precise temperature control.

The Rinnai Sensei N Series is the first ever continuous flow hot water heating unit manufactured with stainless steel heat exchangers to be available in the UK – this gives a greatly extended working life at optimum performance to each of the four models in the range. Added to this is the Sensei N Series market leading extended warranties.

The four models are: the N1600i giving 954 litres per hour; the N1600e (external) also giving 954 litres per hour (at 50 degrees); the N1300i giving 775 litres per hour and the N1300e also giving 775 litres per hours of temperature controlled at 50 degrees. The two 1600s have load profiles of XXL and are a efficiency class A rated under ERP (96% gross efficiency), while the 1300s are load profile XL and are also a gross efficiency of 96%.

Other features include:

  • flue up to 30+ metres for concentric
  • Turbo Fan
  • Built-in controller as standard on both internal and external models
  • Cascade Cable assembly allows multiple water heaters to be connected and function as one total and complete system.
  • Built in flue damper
  • Air inlet filter
  • Frost Protection – minus 15°C on the internal versions and minus 20 °C on the external versions
  • Easy convert manifold
  • Controller as standard – Lockable, set up of appliance, Temperature set up to 75°C
  • Easy connect BMS controls
  • Ultra-low Nox – Less than 28mg/kWh

Other Rinnai hot water heating units and systems include:

  • High efficiency commercial water heaters
  • Infinity plus storage solutions
  • Infinity Cascade – multiple water heater and controls for large hot water demands.
  • A series of lightweight high efficiency water heaters

Backed with extensive warranties and fully qualified technical service and training Rinnai’s range also includes:

  • Nexus electrolytic limescale inhibitor systems for lifetime efficiency and system protection.
  • BMS controls and remote monitoring solutions for onsite and remote system monitoring.
  • Flexible flue configurations including – Common header flues to streamlines installation and multiple flueing systems
  • Valve packs and unvented systems to support secondary return systems for G3 compliance and ACOP L8 best practice.
  • Multiple “in direct” storage vessels to support peak hour applications.
  • Full application design service.
  • Comprehensive training courses and CPDs
  • Energy and carbon footprint analysis of systems comparisons

Provided there are constant supplies of water and gas Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems will deliver continuous flow of temperature controlled hot water. The smaller Rinnai units are ideal for temporary or emergency hot water supplies.

Rinnai continues to offer full services for all sectors in support of the current pandemic.

The Rinnai services for essential works are: –

  • Rinnai’s Runcorn UK HQ emergency weekend opening and sales support – open for any emergency / essential equipment provision of new units and for spares.
  • Weekend operational & technical support help line – simply call 01928 531870 and select sales and if the call is not answered immediately leave a voicemail and the company will respond within an hour.

For more info visit: rinnaiuk.com.


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