Special lighting event announced for elemental talks


We are adding a special focus on lighting to our schedule, with a three-day event planned for 26th to 28th January 2021.

As an online community for advancing technologies in heat, water, air and energy, it makes sense to adding lighting to the mix.

elemental Director Eoin McManus said: “While our focus up to now has been on heat, water, air and energy, and specifically the impact these elements will have on achieving net zero targets by 2050, it’s become increasingly obvious that we cannot exclude lighting and the significant role it will play in achieving this target.”

elemental talks lighting will look at a whole range of subjects including lighting trends for 2021, retrofit and lighting, and energy efficiency and the role that lighting can play.

This virtual event will welcome a panel made up of industry insiders, trade bodies and manufacturers – all with some clear views and interesting ideas on lighting and the role it will play in our sustainable future – and how the products being developed are functional, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

This lighting edition of elemental talks  will feature roundtable discussion, product focuses and one-on-one interviews.

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