Stroma and PEPA call for extension to Green Homes Grant

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Stroma Certification’s Director of Energy Certification and the Property Energy Professionals Association (PEPA) Chairman has released a statement calling for an extended Green Homes Grant Scheme.

Andrew Parkin said: ‘The recent Office for National Statistics (ONS) analysis of EPC data reflects the desperate need for long term and effective energy efficiency programmes if the UK is to meet its carbon emission targets and the Government is to deliver minimum EPC ratings of C+ by 2035.

“Take up of the Green Homes Grant has been very strong, demonstrating that there is untapped demand amongst those who are able contribute to installing energy efficiency measures, delivering a very healthy mix of public and private investment in energy efficiency. This represents a huge opportunity for Government to put in place long term consistent programmes to release demand amongst the able to pay as well as focus on those in fuel poverty, which the scheme also caters for.

“PEPA, its members and the energy assessor community are wholly behind the target of achieving EPC ratings of C+ by 2035, and with many assessors now also qualified as Trustmark registered retrofit advisors, are well equipped to assist residential property owners, both owner occupier and landlords to improve their energy efficiency ratings. It is our view that an extended Green Homes Grant scheme should be closely tied in with EPC ratings to focus investment on helping the UK to achieve its carbon emission reduction targets.”

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