UKGBC launches pilot to crowdsource net zero solutions

net zero solutions portal

UKGBC has introduced a pilot process for crowdsourcing solutions for net zero buildings, asking for the industry to share knowledge of game-changing technologies, services, policies, and business and financial models.

The pilot is looking at ways to drastically reduce the carbon emissions of buildings, with a new process to source and evaluate potential solutions.

And UKGBC is calling for  built environment professionals from the UK and beyond to share their knowledge so that the rate of change can be amplified.

It has launched the challenges, and ais crowd-sourcing solutions to them, using the new Microsoft Teams Ideas Ideation platform, a web and app-based idea management tool. This will run until Friday 18th September, at which time the pilot challenges will close and solutions will be selected for further evaluation and potential inclusion in a solutions publication.

Once UKGBC has assessed the success of this pilot, it hopes to run a number of challenges through the solutions process.

For further information on the pilot click here.

The questions it is looking to address are:

Challenge Statement 1
“How can a building owner improve their existing buildings, with as little physical intervention as possible, to achieve net zero operational carbon by 2030?”

Challenge Statement 2
“How can office owners and occupiers improve the connection between live building occupancy and the control of building services, to reduce operational energy consumption?”


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