UK’s interest in reducing water waste grows

A poll of 2,000 Brits found that for 44% of adults, reducing water waste is more important to them compared to five years ago.

The research, commissioned by Triton Showers as part of its commitment to driving sustainability, found that more than three quarters (86%) said that reducing water waste in their home is important for them.

The findings come at a time where the Environment Agency describes water scarcity as an existential threat. This is strengthened by influential public figures, such as Sir David Attenborough, who highlight that is it essential for consumers to employ small changes to their lifestyle, in order to help save the planet.

For the 61% of adults who said they knew how to monitor their water usage, the most common tactic to reduce consumption was opting to use a shower rather than a bath. Further tactics included reducing hosepipe usage (41%), using a dual flush toilet (41%), using an electric shower (34%) and using a shower with a flow regulator (19%).

Tina Simpson, Marketing Director at Triton Showers, said: “We were pleased to see that reducing water consumption has become more of a priority over the past five years, with the overwhelming majority of adults stating that bringing usage down is imperative to them.

“The survey also revealed that showering is one of the biggest tactics respondents employ to tackle water usage in the home, which is no surprise, given the huge water savings on offer by switching to a shower rather than a bath.”

However, only 40% of respondents revealed that they know how to reduce their water waste in their home, and take active steps to do so.

In response to this, Triton Showers has launched an informative calculator that enables consumers to answer a few short questions on their showering habits to reveal helpful, personalised tips that can aid them in reducing energy and water usage, save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Tina continued: “Although it appears that the nation is generally aware of the importance of reducing water consumed in the home and how their actions can directly affect this, there are small tactics that anyone can employ to make a big difference.

“By simply reducing the amount of time spent in the shower by one minute, for example, a household could annually save the equivalent of more than 60,000 500ml bottles of water, as well as reducing their carbon footprint by 0.26 tonnes – comparable to driving 1,013 miles in a mid-sized family car.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for consumers to understand the true savings they could make by employing such small changes, and would encourage everyone to use our free calculator to find out how much impact they really can make.”

To view Triton’s energy and water-saving calculator, please visit


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