Vaillant introduces #whywait campaign

Using the slogan of #whywait, a Vaillant campaign is highlighting the contribution eco-friendly heating technology can play in climate protection. The core message is that there has never been a better – nor more urgent – time for property owners to choose a Vaillant heating system.The #whywait campaign has already been launched in Germany, with 21 further countries set to follow suit.

Huge climate protection potential in German boiler rooms

More than one third of CO2 emissions in private households in Germany are caused by the heating of buildings and hot-water generation. More than half of the roughly 21 million heating systems in Germany are now outdated, inefficient and do not use renewable energies. In terms of meeting climate protection targets, it is imperative that these systems are rapidly replaced by efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.

“Immense climate protection potential is lying dormant in millions of basements and utility rooms,” said Dr Andree Groos, Vaillant Group Managing Director Sales, Marketing and Service. “It’s just that most people aren’t aware of it. With the #whywait campaign, we aim to galvanise people into significantly reducing their carbon footprint. By investing in an efficient Vaillant heating system, they can make a positive difference for their home, for the climate and, therefore, for their children.”

The Vaillant #whywait campaign provides facts about the potential CO2 and cost savings of efficient heating systems and about the reality that time for a rethink is limited due to ongoing climate change. The heating technology specialist attaches considerable importance to authenticity; the campaign focuses on ordinary people in their own homes rather than professional actors. In Germany, the campaign was launched with TV and radio ads, as well as online advertising.

Vaillant is becoming climate-neutral

Vaillant is going climate-neutral from this year. By 2030, Vaillant will reduce its own CO2 emissions by 50 per cent compared with 2018. This will be accomplished through the use of electrical energy from renewable sources, significantly reduced energy consumption within production processes and buildings, and investment in an environmentally friendly vehicle fleet.

Starting this year, the company will completely offset its remaining emissions by means of existing certified afforestation projects. What’s more, Vaillant will be launching its own afforestation projects in emerging countries in the long term. The climate strategy forms part of the SEEDS sustainability programme, which Vaillant established ten years ago and is now relaunching this year.

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