Viessmann launches electric heating range

Viessmann has launched a range of electric heating products to the UK, following strategic acquisitions by the Viessmann Group, to grow its electrified heating offer.

A new 4-24 kW Vitotron electric system boiler, three Vitotherm direct hot water heaters and three Vitoplanar electric space heaters can now be purchased in the UK, building on the company’s range of electric heat pumps.

“Centralised electricity generation is becoming greener and more sustainable and in line with that, it is expected that the cost of electricity will reduce to be closer with gas and oil, making electric heating a more attractive proposition for an increasing number of UK homes,” says Viessmann marketing director, Darren McMahon.

“Heat pumps are not suited to every property, particularly apartments and smaller properties that have low heat losses and require a small system with just a few radiators. Here, Viessmann’s compact Vitotron electric boiler can deliver the desired comfort for a significantly lower installed cost. We expect electric boilers to be popular with housebuilders, as well as electricians, in the face of the 2035 fossil fuel boiler ban. They will also benefit from lower installation costs compared to conventional boilers, due to the absence of flues and gas supply pipework,” continues Darren McMahon.

Viessmann’s Vitotron 100 boiler system is equipped with a 5-litre expansion vessel. It is available as a 4-8 kW model for single phase power and up to 24 kW with three phase and has 99.4% efficiency.

Advanced controls bring a range of functionalities designed to keep operating costs down, including regulation of water temperature in the heating circuit from 20 to 85 °C, automatic heater power modulation when fitted with the weather compensated control option, temperature programming and a ‘time of use’ tariff for reduced overnight charges, or in conjunction with new smart energy tariffs. It’s described as simple to install and can operate in conjunction with other heat sources, such as solar PV.

The company is also introducing three Vitotherm hot water heaters that only consume electricity when hot water is needed, said to be ideal for homes and offices. The ES4 model is available as an under or over sink heater in five or 10-litre versions; the Vitotherm EI5 is tankless.

The Vitoplanar range of space heaters includes the EC4 model, a slimline wall-mounted convector heater with 500-2000 W output; the EI2 and EI6 infrared panel heaters, available in mirrored glass or white steel finishes with outputs from 325-900 W; and the Vitoplanar EF2 electric underfloor heating mats with outputs from 150-1275 W for installation in screed or tile cement type floors.

The products come with a standard two-year warranty and are available now from merchants nationally. Viessmann also plans to offer remote training in the future.

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