WATCH: elemental talks session on the indoor climate emergency

The Indoor climate emergency elemental talks virtual panel discussion is now available to watch on demand.

This session in the elemental talks series looks at future scenarios for a warming world, with booming sales of air conditioning set to tackle rising temperatures. We will explore what this means for design and engineering, installation and innovation, plus the carbon footprint of building stock and challenges of retrofit.

Questions we’ll be discussing:

What climate risk scenarios are likely over time; and what are the associated responsibilities of the built environment sector?

Do future health, wellbeing, comfort and liveability issues within buildings mean we are facing an indoor climate emergency?

What impact will demand for heating and cooling have on the prospects of meeting carbon-reduction and net-zero targets?

Should indoor air quality be a performance metric for success in building design, engineering, services and construction?

What does this mean for the carbon footprint of building stock, both new-build expectations and challenges of retrofit?

How do these concerns translate into design and engineering specifications, plus drive product innovation and smart tech?

How can best practice in installation, monitoring and maintenance help optimise performance for sustainability?


David Frise – BESA – Group Chief Executive

Claire Holman – Brook Cottage Consultants – Director, Senior Research Associate, Energy Institute UCL; leading IAQM Indoor Air Quality work

Huw Blackwell – Anthesis – Principal Associate



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