WATCH: elemental talks session on decarbonising the electricity grid

The Decarbonising the electricity grid elemental talks virtual panel discussion is now available to watch on demand.

The panel discussed:

  • What are the key technologies and innovation sectors that will support the decarbonisation of the electricity system?
  • How will changes in demand influence the challenges associated with electricity network decarbonisation?
  • How will electricity network infrastructure need to change to support low carbon energy systems?
  • How will a decarbonised electricity system interact with other networks?
  • How can we create a more integrated energy system?
  • How can advancements in digitalisation support decarbonisation of the electricity system Centralised vs decentralised – what are the key benefits, drawbacks and considerations to each?


Mark Neller – Arup

Alexandre Golisano – Schneider Electric

Alex Buckman – Energy Catapult

Marzia Zafar – Ovo energy

Issy Middleton – Northern Power Grid


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