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elemental webinars actively create opportunities for training, discussions and continuous personal development. Our roundtables, sessions, and workshops allow our audience and brands to engage in developing bespoke solutions across a range of heat, water, air and energy applications.

13th October - Post-COVID (back to work)

Our opening session, not surprisingly, will look at the latest thinking and best practice around getting organisations back to work in safe and healthy environments for a post-pandemic world. It will cover:

  1. The practicalities of satisfying new and exceptional requirements around indoor air quality and ventilation in the workplace – especially with commercial premises that have mostly lain dormant during lockdown
  2. A range of ongoing sustainability scenarios, from monitoring and management, to futureproofing and resilience, including economic drivers, design and engineering solutions, plus digital tech and data


Nick Jones – Grosvenor UK & I

Douglas Booker – National Air Quality Testing Services (NAQTS), Lancaster University

Curtis Gubb – Cundall

15th October - Let's talk about retrofit

This expert-led panel discussion sees us discuss retrofit and how it ties into the UK’s Net Zero ambitions.


Victoria Burrows – Director of Advancing Netzero at the World Green Building Council

Catherine Garrido – Operations Director at Quidos

Paul Rodgers – Head of Compliance & External Relations at Trustmark

Jason Cox – Energy Upgrade Leader at Armstrong Fluid Technology

Matthew Holloway – CEO at Q-Bot


29th October - Indoor climate emergency

This session will be looking at future scenarios for a warming world, with booming sales of air con specified to tackle rising temperatures.

We shall be asking what that means for the carbon footprint of building stock and the challenges of retrofit.


David Frise – BESA

Claire Holman – Brook Cottage Consultants

Huw Blackwell – Anthesis

12th November - Decarbonising the electricity grid

This panel discussion will focus on a series of challenges on the road to decarbonising the electricity grid. The panel will be posed a series of questions outlined below.

  1. What are the key technologies and innovation sectors that will support the decarbonisation of the electricity system?
  2. How will changes in demand influence the challenges associated with electricity network decarbonisation?
  3. How will electricity network infrastructure need to change to support low carbon energy systems?
  4. How will a decarbonised electricity system interact with other networks? How can we create a more integrated energy system?
  5. How can advancements in digitalisation support decarbonisation of the electricity system
  6. Centralised vs decentralised – what are the key benefits, drawbacks and considerations to each?


Mark Neller – Arup

Alexandra Golisano – Schneider Electric

Alex Buckman – Energy Catapult

Marzia Zafar – Ovo energy

Issy Middleton – Northern Power Grid

19th November - Airtightness and ventilation

This webinar is more intensely focused on design and engineering solutions (and product specification) to marry thermal performance with good IAQ in different building types – both new build and refurb projects – from public, retail and commercial, to domestic (multi-occupancy/high-rise dwellings and individual properties). It will also by debating the relative merits of mechanical ventilation vs passive design.


Alan Budden – Eco Design Consultants

Ian Mawditt – Four Walls and Co-Chair Technical Working Group UK Centre for Moisture in Buildings (UKCMB)

Dushyant Karnik – Enhabit

10th December - Wellbeing

This session will explore the positive wellbeing opportunities associated with good IAQ and ventilation – such as increased productivity (office), improved attention-spans (education), faster recovery (health), better sleep (domestic), etc.


Justin Bere – Justin Bere Architects

Will Kirkman – Ecomerchant

Oliver Heath – Oliver Heath Design


14th January 2021 - Health

This session will assess a range of health risks associated with poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and ventilation – so, looking at everything from testing and monitoring for such as mould and radon, problems with off-gassing and toxic VOCs in furniture, fabrics and paints, etc, plus threat of Legionella in HVAC and finally implications of COVID-19 and potential future resilience to airborne pandemics


Shaun Hill – Element 4 Consulting

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