Why UWL is a smart tool for the bathroom industry

The unified water label (UWL) is a European wide initiative by companies involved in the bathroom industry. It is a smart tool that provides a means to identify water using products with a common label that offers clear, concise and easy to understand messaging about water and energy use.

Consumers need to be aware of efficient bathroom products that work with their water and heating systems, that they are fit for purpose and deliver no less performance but use less water and energy.

Research shows that consumers are seeking more information about the environmental impact of the products they choose. This creates an opportunity to encourage consumers to switch out old products for new by providing the information they seek.

The UWL includes 14 different categories for water using bathroom products that covers: shower heads, shower controls, taps, WC suites and baths.

Hundreds of registered brands support the label, promoting it on websites, in their newsletters, magazines and adverts. Consumers are seeking sustainability and environmental information and are now looking for the label, making it a strong marketing tool. In addition, over 10,000 architects and specifiers use the database of products on a regular basis for new projects across the globe.

Manufacturers can play an important role in educating retailers, installers and designers. There is an opportunity to benefit from Government plans to kickstart the economy with the green agenda by promoting the use of water and energy efficient products, using water wisely helps conserve energy associated with heating water and decreases carbon emissions. With 15% of all carbon emissions generated from the domestic environment, water using bathroom products have a significant role to play.

To find out more about UWL visit: europeanwaterlabel.eu or watch the Unified Water Label virtual workshop

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