Wilo provides energy efficient water pump solutions for Unite Students

Wilo UK Ltd has joined forces with the UK’s largest developer of purpose-built student accommodation, Unite Students, to provide energy efficient water pump services to numerous sites within the portfolio. 

Wilo UK, has supplied Unite Students with compact, high-performance ’pressure boosting’ systems to optimise energy efficiency. To date, Wilo has installed booster sets for 11 different sites in 2018 and a further 12 in 2019, including the prominent 300-capacity Blithehale Court site located in Bethnal Green, East London.

The project was undertaken in line with Unite Student’s own core environmental endeavours. All Unite Students buildings are designed to be energy efficient and reduce the environmental impacts of energy usage, carbon, water and waste as much as possible.

James Sprake, Senior Procurement Manager at Unite students said:

“What differentiates Wilo is how proactive they are at presenting new, innovative products and ideas around energy efficiency.”

Wilo conducted a survey of all Unite Students sites and a comprehensive condition report for over 700 existing pumping assets, in accordance with the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS). From this, a lifecycle ‘Road Map’ was created including all asset details, estimated life expectancy and consequent change-out dates and costs.

The ‘compact pressure boosting system’ utilises high-efficiency Wilo Helix VE pump hydraulics and a frequency converter with a wide control range, making the booster a reliable energy-saving tool. The system can be used for fully automatic water supply and pressure boosting in residential, commercial and public buildings.

Service Director at Wilo UK, Wayne Atter, said:

“By optimising our resources effectively, we were able to combine the project installations with our maintenance activities, enabling us to meet the client’s expectations during one on-site visit.”

For more information on Wilo UK, please visit: wilo.com/gb/en/

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