Work starts on iso energy’s National Trust project

Buscot Park / National Trust

isoenergy has started on the installation of a 200kW lake-source heat pump at The National Trust’s Buscot Park in Oxfordshire.

The 18th-century manor house is switching from coal and oil heating to a lake-source heat pump, which will meet all of the spatial heating requirements of the main house, estate office and cottages throughout the year.

Two 100kW Ecoforest Ground Source Heat Pumps will be connected to 26 x 200m lake loops submerged in a lake within the grounds. The plant equipment will replace the previous coal boiler which will significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of the building and improve nearby air quality.

A large proportion of the electricity needed to power the heat pump will come from a 200kW solar PV array already set within the grounds. These panels are connected to a battery which feeds the heat pump plant room and wider site when there is a requirement for electricity.

The heat pump alone will provide a 70%+ carbon reduction as a significant reduction to the property’s running costs. When coupled with the solar PV array, the carbon and running cost savings are even greater.

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