World Green Building Week starts today

World Green Building Week starts today and this year’s event is asking everyone to #ActOnClimate.

The World Green Building Council’s annual campaign is calling on the building sector, policy makers and governments to take urgent action to deliver net zero buildings.

It is also calling for those already taking action to provide a showcase of where, why and how they are achieving their goals.

The #ActOnClimate campaign is:

  • For Communities – net zero buildings support a healthier and more sustainable built environment, creating thriving and resilient communities.
  • For the Planet – buildings account for more than one-third of global carbon emissions. It’s vital we prioritise net zero buildings today to protect our planet and future generations.
  • Net Zero Buildings for Economies – investing in new and existing net zero buildings today can stimulate innovation, activate supply chains and create jobs.

Over five days, the World Green Building Council network of Green Building Councils and partners will showcase examples of global industry leadership. It will deliver a coordinated, collective voice of the industry to demonstrate the existing leadership in the net zero building movement, and call for bolder and more ambitious regulation to unlock these solutions.

Businesses, organisations and sub-national governments can take action to decarbonise their own portfolios and advocate for wider emissions reductions by signing the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment. All levels of government can step up their policy ambitions towards the 2030 and 2050 net zero goals, and their obligations under the Paris Agreement.

Call to action

The ‘Call to Action Statement’ outlines WorldGBC’s position to urge all levels of government to implement policy to achieve the new Whole Life Vision that:

  • By 2030, all new buildings, infrastructure and renovations will have at least 40% less embodied carbon with significant upfront carbon reduction, and all new buildings must be net zero operational carbon.

  • By 2050, new buildings, infrastructure and renovations will have net zero embodied carbon, and all buildings, including existing buildings, must be net zero operational carbon.

To read and sign the statement visit: Call To Action Statement

For more info visit:

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